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Why Flowball?

A few years ago, we were visiting China and what we discovered was out-of-this-earth. A relaxing sport, which you could play individual as well as in group with the key difference that you weren't supposed to hit the ball. And then it hit us, by a figure of speech: 'Let's introduce this mad sport in the western world!' It's a great way of relaxing, having fun and engaging with yourself or others.


The sport originally is inspired on Tai Chi. You can really see this in the movements. But, we figured: 'Why stop here?'. Thoji Flowball was born. a fresh and fun game where it is key to give yourself in a way that suits you. You wanna go nuts? Go ahead. Feel like just having a chill brainstorm session? Sure. You are going to the beach and want a new thing to do? Of course.


The key about Thoji Flowball is that you can practice it the way you feel like. And everybody feels different from time to time and Thoji Flowball will let you show it. Intens, chill, at the office, in the park, on the beach, by day, at night: it doesn't matter as long as you feel it.


That is why our motto remains: 'keep on flowin...'